Bismillah & Alhamdulillah
Bismillah & Alhamdulillah
Est. on 2021
Us Noorsyahidah bte Mohamad Sa'id
Us Noorsyahidah bte Mohamad Sa'id

Alhamdulillah, I have completed my primary & secondary school at Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiah. I had achieved my Diploma in Usuluddin & graduated from KUIS. After that, I pursued my major degree in Islamic Theology & Philosophy and minor in Sociology. I am also a certified Ustazah in Qur’anic & Tajwid teaching. I have gained experience in teaching for more than 15 years, Alhamdulillah.


Learning Iqra’ is fun!

Learning Iqra’ via online is quite challenging. Thus the atmosphere is filled with extra fun activities to create a Wonderful Learning atmosphere such as sing-a-long, watching video, and art & crafts.

ZOOM is a well known platform for educational approach. I have joined ZOOM course to learn more about it’s functions. Hence I find it useful and easy to manage.

Wonderful & fun activities to be done with parent and can be shared the activites later with your family members as well for future learning practices, Insya-Allah.


Coming soon in Jan 2022! Stay tuned with us for further updates…


Who can join & learn?

Children both boys & girls from age 3 & above including teenagers. Female adults are welcome to learn too.

How is the lesson conducted?

This will be ongoing lessons until you are able to recite surah-surah in the al-Qur’an (khatam). It is also depend on your goal/target for your children/ownself. Usually it is conducted 4 time lessons per session.

What is the content of the Iqra’ learning?

Reading, Learning letters recognition & pronounciation, & Tajwid. Apart from that, we have writing lesson as well to those who would love to join the fun activities. It is to be done with parents. Family members can also participate in this wonderful activities for future practices, Insya-Allah. I will also prepare for you daily progress report for our future reference & record purposes.

When can start the lesson?

On weekdays in between 2:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m. The lesson duration is 15 mins only for just reading, and 30 mins for both reading & writing.

Where is the lesson conducted?

Online Via ZOOM


PayNow to 87506414

*Before every first/last lesson.

An invoice & receipt will be issued to you for our reference & record purposes.

My kids loving it!
“My kids loving it!”

It is amazing to learn Iqra’ with Ustazah Noorsyahidah. My kids always fill with excitement everytime when they are going to start the lesson. Her flamboyant approach made the whole lesson enjoyable. I loved the process as much as the result.

— Hamba Allah